Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell aromatherapy oils?
Due to the many different uses and wide spectrum of essential oils, we’ve selected just a few oils that we regularly use in our amulets.

Oil vials include a seperate dropper for easy filling of your amulet. Vials should not be stored with the dropper in the vial to help keep the dropper from breaking down.

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Sweet Orange
  • Himalayan Cederwood
  • Ravensara

How do I put the oil in the first time?
It’s easy. Using your thumb and forefinger, pull on the wick holder and pop it out. Then put two to three drops of an essential oil in the reservoir, being careful not to overfill. Then, simply push the wick holder back into place. We like to dab it on a paper towel just to be sure there isn’t any on the outside surface.

How do I change the oil?
Again, using your thumb and forefinger, pull on the wick holder and pop it out. Remove the wood wick by pushing it out of its holder. Rinse the reservoir with warm water and a cotton swab to remove residual oils. Then add your new essential oil.

How long will a scent last?
Most oils will last two to three days. However, citrus based oils tend to evaporate more quickly than others but will last longer when blended with a drop of grape seed oil.

Can I blend oils?
Absolutely. Depending on your needs, there are many ‘multiple note’ blends. Learn more through research. We think you’ll have an enjoyable time trying them out.

Will it stain?
Amulets are active wicking and will give you consistent release of your oils. If your amulet wick rests on your clothes it will leave a small spot. you can easily remove this spot by using a drop or two of dishwashing soap to lift it out.

Can you sleep in it?
Yes. As long as you’re comfortable, it can be a wonderful way to fall asleep.


Can I use it while I’m pregnant?
Please check with an aromatherapy professional as many oils are not safe to use during pregnancy.