How They Work

Picture your favorite place; focus on the feeling it brings. Perhaps it’s hiking up a mountain trail soaking in the sun. Maybe it’s listening to waves crashing on the sand as you take in a deep breath of salty ocean air. Or it might be reading a good book while sipping freshly brewed coffee at a neighborhood shop. The moments that give us joy are the experiences that give life meaning.

It all starts with your sense of smell. Scientific studies have proven scent to be a powerful component of any experience. In fact, it’s been heavily documented aromatherapy evokes physical responses in our minds and bodies.

By pairing an Amulets Life necklace with your favorite essential oil, you’re able to proactively promote your well-being. Each stone is carefully crafted to provide a reservoir for the essential oil. The oil is kept in place by a natural wood ‘wick’. These wicks act as an organic, personal diffuser and are easily changed out to accommodate different scents.

What are essential oils? Extracted from plants, fruits, or flowers, essential oils are known for their healing properties and have been used for centuries by cultures across the world. They are often used to provide clarity, calm, pain relief, and reduced anxiety to name a few. We recommend consulting an aromatherapy practitioner to find the single oil, or oil blend, best suited for your needs. A few we’ve tried include:

  • Peppermint oil as a natural appetite suppressant
  • Lavender to promote relaxation
  • Clary Sage to enhance mental clarity

Ready to get started?

Using your thumb and forefinger, pull on the wick holder and pop it out. Then put two to three drops of an essential oil in the reservoir, being careful not to overfill. The oil will slowly saturate the wick and soon you’ll be able to enjoy a sensory escape. Depending on the oil you use, the scent will last a day or two. Repeat process if you want to keep the same scent.

Wish to use a different oil?

Changing the essential oil is quick and easy. Using your thumb and forefinger, pull on the wick holder and pop it out. Rinse the reservoir with warm water and use a cotton swab to remove residual oils. Place a new wood wick in the wick holder, add the new oil, and you’re ready to go.

Each Amulet comes with three wicks. Additional wicks may be purchased separately.

You can find essential oil recommendations and recipes for personalized blends by visiting Your Voice.